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A Brief History

The founder of Tiddy Hall, Reginald Tiddy was born in Margate though it was not until the death of his mother that his father moved to Priory Cottage in Ascott - under-Wychwood.  At this time Tiddy was a Fellow at Oxford.  His mother had been the daughter of a farmer from a village nearby and family history was of great interest to him.  He soon became very popular in the village – a friendship which re-ignited an interest in Morris and Folk Dancing and Mummers’ plays.


Initially they would practice dancing in the local school, but Tiddy decided to purchase some land and to build a new hall (see photo) with a sprung floor suitable for dancing.  It was originally called “The Reading Room”. Tiddy became friendly with Lord Sanderson Furness, a great advocate of education for the working man, who also became a supporter of the Workers’ Education Association, of which Ascott-under-Wychwood became one of the first centres. Classes were held in the Reading Room.  The hall also held local doctor and dentist clinics.

Old Tiddy Hall_edited.jpg

He was a lieutenant in the war and served with the 4th Battalion of the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry. He died in action on the 10th August 1916.  The name Tiddy Hall was adopted in 1927 and a plaque (see attached) was unveiled by friends of Reginald Tiddy and local villagers.


Tiddy left the hall to Lord and Lady Sanderson, who in turn, on their deaths, left the Hall to Trustees.  This would guarantee the future of the hall.


Tiddy Hall is now a community village hall and is run by the Trustees.



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